Basic rules of NAMES’UA modateka bonus loyalty program

A program sponsor is Sole Proprietor Overchenko. The Program is valid for NAMES’UA modateka stores in Ukraine.

A program member can be any purchaser who made a purchase in NAMES’UA modateka stores for the amount of UAH 1,000 in a check, received and filled in a form as per a procedure stipulated by rules of the Program. Bonuses from this purchase are not charged.

With respect to each purchase bonus at the rate of 5% of an amount, including promotional products and discount goods, is credited to a participant’s account. Bonuses are credited only subject to availability of a card and become available for use in 15 calendar days upon the purchase.

The bonuses are charged only subject to compulsory producing of a customer’s card before payment for goods at a till. A document proving accrual of bonuses to participant’s account is an original sales check with information on the accrued bonuses. Bonuses are not charged for a part of the sales check paid by the bonuses and/or a gift certificate.  

A program participant is entitled to use bonuses accumulated on his/her Participant’s account as a discount when buying goods in NAMES’UA modateka store which are covered by the Program. Bonuses can be used to pay up to 30% of product value. Bonuses are available with respect to promotional products, discount goods, and a gift certificate.

Annually on April 1 all accumulated and unused during the previous year bonuses are cancelled.

Bonuses are charged to Program Participant’s account and written off the account subject to availability of all technical and/or other facilities in a store: The Internet, electricity, correctly operating software. In case if technical and/or other facilities required to accrue bonuses are unavailable, bonuses will be charged to Program Participant’s account after the required facilities are restored.

Signing the form, the Program Participant acknowledges that he/she read and understood the Program Rules and grants consent to processing of his/her personal data in different ways.

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