KKFashion (women'secret, SPRINGFIELD, Pedro del Hierro)

Rules loyalty program KKFashion

The organizer of the bonus program is KARKAT FASHION LLC (here in after - the Program). The program operates in the network of “SPRINGFIELD”, “women'secret” and “Pedro del Hierro” stores throughout Ukraine and is indefinite.

With each purchase, bonuses in the amount of 5% are charged to the Program participant’s account - when purchasing goods at initial cost and 3% when purchasing goods at a discount or promotional goods, 1 bonus = 1 hryvnia.

The participant of the program has the right to use the bonuses accumulated on his account as a partial payment for the value of goods in the network of shops TOV “KARKAT FASHION”. Bonuses can be paid up to 50% of the cost of any product (including goods with a discount, if the discount amount is less than 50%, the Program member has the right to increase the discount up to 50% by writing off accumulated bonuses), except for the calculation of a gift certificate. In this case, the discount is calculated from the first price of the goods. Bonuses do not accrue from the purchase of gift certificates and from the part of the purchase amount paid for with bonuses (indicated in the fiscal receipt).

Bonus points are valid for 180 days from the date of the last purchase. The validity of the use of bonuses will be extended for the next 180 days, subject to any purchase at SPRINGFIELD, women'secret stores until the end of the 180-day period. If during this period the customer does not make purchases, bonuses accumulated earlier are canceled.

The Organizer of the Program has the right to make any changes to the existing rules of the Program at any time at its own discretion, having previously notified the Program participant of such changes by posting relevant information in the network of KARKAT FASHION LLC stores and at www.kkfashion.com.ua.

You can read about the bonus program of loyalty Karkat Fashion here.

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